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Simplify your digital work and increase productivity with our PDF tools. All free and easy to use!

  • PDF Converter

    Convert Word, PPT and Excel files to and from PDF

  • Compress PDF

    Compress PDF size with selectable compression level

  • Merge PDF

    Combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF

  • Split PDF

    Separate PDF pages or split the PDF file into a single file per page

  • Word to PDF

    Convert Word documents to PDF files

  • PDF to Word

    Convert PDFs to editable Word documents

  • PPT to PDF

    Convert PowerPoint slides to PDF documents

  • PDF to PPT

    Convert your PDF files to editable PowerPoint documents

  • Excel to PDF

    Convert Excel files to PDF documents

  • PDF to Excel

    Convert PDFs to editable Excel spreadsheets

  • JPG to PDF

    Convert JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF images to PDF

  • PDF to JPG

    Convert PDF to JPG images without losing quality

  • HTML to PDF

    Convert HTML files or web pages to PDF documents

  • PDF to HTML

    Convert your PDF files to HTML without losing text or format

  • DWG to PDF

    Convert DWG and DXF files to PDF documents

  • PDF to PDF/A

    Convert PDF files to PDF/A for storing and long-term archiving

  • PDF Reader

    View or print PDFs or other documents online

  • Rotate PDF

    Rotate one or all the pages of a PDF document

  • Delete PDF Pages

    Remove one or multiple pages from a PDF document

  • Number Pages

    Add page numbers in your PDF documents

  • Watermark

    Add an image or text watermark to your PDF file

  • Unlock PDF

    Remove the password from an encrypted PDF file

  • Protect PDF

    Add a password to protect your PDF file

Online PDF tools to help you do your best work

This is the only PDF software produced with you and your document in mind. All the tools you need to work with digital documents are here. Solve all document problems with a simple PDF solution.

What's an online PDF converter?

Online PDF Converter is a free online platform that allows you to convert various file types to PDF format, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images. Our online tools are not just simple PDF file converters, they can also edit, compress, combine, split PDFs and more. Our online solution aims to provide a convenient and user-friendly solution for those who need to convert their files to PDF format for better compatibility and accessibility. Start working on your digital documents today with our free, all-in-one PDF solution that solves all PDF-related problems!

Online pdf converter
Security first

Security first

The importance of data security cannot be overstated. We take many steps to keep our customers' data secure. SSL/TLS encryption secures all file transfers, and multiple levels of encryption secure your files so no one can access them. Also, our system is designed to not store any logs of our customers. When you're done editing a PDF, you can manually delete it from our servers. Forgot to delete? That's okay! All files are automatically deleted from the system 30 minutes after conversion.


Have you been looking for an online PDF editor? Our web service is the best web app to edit PDF files online easily and simply. Get all the tools you need to edit digital documents efficiently, for free, while keeping your data safe. All our PDF tools are designed with user-friendly interfaces, so you can rotate PDF pages, merge PDF files, password protect PDF files, delete PDF pages, add page numbers to PDF documents, and insert watermarks in just a few clicks.

Multiple Formats Supported

Multiple formats supported is a powerful and fast online tool that supports a wide range of document and image formats. Our platform supports all file formats commonly used by companies, institutions and schools. We currently support over 50 file formats and are expanding our service to support more file formats. Our online tool allows you to quickly convert documents, images and files to PDF format without additional software or complicated processes.

Web-based software

Our PDF tools are web-based software for working with documents on any platform with a web browser and internet connection. With our online PDF software, your office is anywhere. At work, at home, at the hotel, at the client's office, even on your phone. You can start, manage, and complete your digital document creations from anywhere with Internet access.

Web Application

How to convert to or from PDF files online

  1. Upload your file to our online PDF converter.
    step 1
  2. step 2
    Select the type of file you want to convert and let our PDF conversion tool do the rest.
  3. Please wait until the uploaded file is converted to the selected file type.
    step 3
  4. step 4
    In a few minutes, you can download and save the converted PDF file to your device.

Highlights of the Online PDF Converter

High quality conversion

High quality conversion

The perfect quality of the generated document is our motto. We built tools over the years and optimized them through millions of transformations. We continue to test and improve each tool today to ensure the highest quality of PDF conversion and to create a solution that meets all file conversion requirements.

Quick and easy conversion

Quick and easy conversion

A user-friendly interface with simple options makes it easy for anyone to use. With a simple drag and drop, the conversion starts immediately. If you are in a normal internet network environment, you can get results in seconds. Multiple powerful cloud servers ensure very fast conversion speed.

Unlimited conversions

Unlimited conversion

Online PDF conversion service is free and unlimited for anyone to use without membership registration. There is no limit to the number of files that can be converted, and there is no waiting time limit between each conversion. Also, you don't have to enter personal information like your email address. Now convert your PDF files anonymously for free.

Encrypted files

Encrypted files

We value the safety of your data. 256-bit SSL encryption of all files means that files, documents, and data are secure. We also never share, disclose or transfer any of your personal information to any third party website or person, so you can have absolute confidence in the privacy of your files.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

We operate an automated file deletion system to prevent potential leakage of user data. All uploaded files are automatically deleted immediately after using the service. Converted files can be manually deleted by the user. If you forget to delete the file, it will be automatically deleted from our server after 30 minutes to ensure your information security. Since our service is automated, your files are never manually monitored by anyone.

Supporting all operating systems

Perform on all devices

The online PDF converter is a web application that is served through your web browser. Our conversion service is browser-based, so it can be used on any device that can run a browser, whether the user is running Windows, Linux or Mac. PDF conversion works perfectly in popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Did you know?

What does PDF mean?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format used to represent documents in a software, hardware, and operating system independent way. Developed by Adobe Systems in 1993, PDF is designed to retain its original appearance and format regardless of the device or software used to view electronic documents. PDF has also become the global standard for electronic document exchange due to its high security and ease of sharing documents both online and offline, and is widely used for sharing and printing important documents such as contracts, invoices, reports and other business documents.

What are the advantages of converting to PDF?

Working with PDFs is cheap.

You do not need to purchase expensive commercial programs like MS Office to view PDF files. You can easily find a free downloadable PDF reader for almost all commonly used operating systems. Additionally, PDF documents have the advantage of being digitally distributed almost free of charge.

PDF files can express the exact content.

PDF documents can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone on any system, regardless of the user's operating system, application software, or fonts. With PDF, you can get the exact same representation of document content regardless of the computing environment. This means that you can view the same type of documents anytime, anywhere with just a computer or mobile device.

PDF documents retain all content properties.

The PDF document format can retain all the content information of the original document format, such as formatting elements, text structure, images, visual elements, and vector graphics. Even multimedia elements and features such as hyperlinks, markups, text notes, videos and music are preserved when converting to PDF, depending on options.

PDF makes it easy to secure digital documents.

By default, the PDF document format provides several methods of encryption, including password-protected viewing, copying, printing, and digital signatures. For important documents, you can digitally sign them to ensure original integrity. Recipients of these digitally signed PDF documents can verify that the documents have not been tampered with and that they are authentic.

PDF reduces the size of files without affecting the quality.

Converting graphics, spreadsheets, and word processing documents to PDF can significantly compress the file size. The PDF format is designed to significantly reduce document size while retaining the quality of the original document. This is especially important when viewing content with lots of small details, such as graphs and charts, and is useful when viewing content written in small font sizes that would otherwise be missed if not zoomed in. And because PDF files are smaller than original documents, they're easy to email and share. Businesses can also reduce the cost of maintaining expensive email server storage and bandwidth congestion.

Additional functionality of PDF increases work efficiency.

By default, the PDF format provides text search capabilities within the document, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for. For example, if you receive a work document with many pages, you can use the search function to search for a keyword or phrase to find what you are looking for. In addition, you can enter metadata such as title, author, and creation date into the PDF file. These meta data can be useful for distinguishing specific documents in large-capacity document management systems used by companies.


What do they say after use?


I like the simplicity of this site. Always easy to use and works very well. Love this site! Better than some charged software in the market. IMO, this is the best pdf conversion site among probably 20+ free services that I’ve ever tried. Great job, Onlinepdfconverter team!


This is a cool site. I was considering to buy Acrobat Pro, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to pay the price for all those fancy tools that I’d never use. Onlinepdfconverter is a perfect solution for me. I also recommended it to my colleagues. I hope this service remains free.


I’ve tried a few other free sites, and probably Onlinepdfconverter provides the most stable performance. Most other sites work ok for a simple conversion but provide limited functions or have other limits (e.g. free version allows only one job per 30 mins, etc.)


Supported Browsers

The online pdf converter is available in all kinds of modern browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and more. The following are currently supported.

  1. Google Chrome version 6 and later

  2. Microsoft Edge version 13 and later

  3. Apple Mac Safari version 6 and later

  4. Mozilla Firefox version 4 and later

  5. Opera version 10 and later


MacOS, iOS



MS Windows

Linux OS

Android OS



MS Windows

Linux OS

Android OS

Chrome OS


MS Windows



Android OS

Opera Software


MS Windows

Linux OS

Android OS


FAQs about our free online PDF conversion service

We have summarized the questions that may help you to solve any problem while you are using our pdf conversion service.

Do online services keep copies of my files after conversion?

No. We prioritize user security. Users' files on our servers are inaccessible to anyone and are strictly protected by multiple levels of encryption. Files are kept for up to 30 minutes, after which the files are permanently deleted from our servers. Users can complete the conversion and manually delete the document themselves. We do not scan, copy, or analyze files in any way, and we do not provide them to others or other companies or institutions.

Are there any basic system requirements?

Our PDF tools require a minimal system environment to run a web browser. If users want to run the tools more smoothly, we recommend working on the latest version of the browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10, Safari. If a problem occurs on the download stage screen after operation, it is recommended to set the web browser to incognito mode and try again.

Are there any security issues with using online conversion services for company documents?

We prioritize the importance of privacy and security. All uploads on the service use HTTPS/SSL to protect your privacy and multiple levels of encryption protect your files so no one can access them. The file conversion process and deletion process are all done automatically in the cloud and are designed to leave no usage logs. This protection policy of our services enhances security and complies with the data privacy policies of most companies or institutions.

Why does the file conversion take so long?

Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not a problem we can solve. Document conversion processing speed is affected by a number of factors. For example, the file conversion speed will vary depending on the complexity of the uploaded file, the user's internet environment, and the server's instantaneous usage.

The document seems to have changed after converting the file. Why is that?

Does it look different from the original? Generally, this problem can occur when converting PDF files to MS Office documents. It's not common, but it happens occasionally. We are working to resolve issues related to this. Another reason could be the font used in the original document. This may happen if the font provided by Word on the user's computer is not supported by our website.

Are all services free?

Yes, it's free. It is a service that anyone can use for free, regardless of business, public institution, or individuals. All users do not need to purchase a separate license to use our service.

Do you log the activity of users visiting your web service?

No. Our web service by default does not ask for any personal information that could identify you. Anyone can use it anonymously without a separate sign-up process, and all processing is done automatically in the cloud. Designed with this philosophy, our web services do not store and track everything about your visited pages, uploaded documents, converted documents, and access information. Therefore, it is not possible to inform others, businesses, or institutions of this information.

How long does the free PDF conversion service last?

As long as our customers continue to love and use our services, we promise that our online PDF conversion service will be free forever. In addition, we will maintain the current policy that does not require membership, e-mail, phone number, and personal credit information when using the service.