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More about PDF to Excel Converter

Easily convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets

Easily convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets

Convert PDF to Excel with our free online tool. No download or installation required. Convert PDF documents into editable Excel spreadsheets with tables and formulas in just a few clicks. Retains original formatting for easy editing.

Quick and easy conversion

Quick and easy conversion

Our online converter is designed to be quick and easy to use with a simple and intuitive user interface. Just upload your PDF file and you can instantly download your converted Excel spreadsheet document in just a few minutes.

No registration required

No registration required

One of the best things about our online Excel converter is that you don't need to register to use it. Also, you don't need to install or download anything on your PC or mobile. This means you can convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets right away without any delay.

Safe online conversion

Safe Online PDF Software

Our service prioritizes the privacy of our users. Therefore, it is designed not to monitor users' files or leave backups, shares and user logs. All file uploads from users are encrypted and sent to our servers via HTTPS. Moreover, it uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect all your information and data, so you don't have to worry about security while using online tools.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

After you have finished working with your digital documents using our online PDF tools, you can download the files from our servers and manually delete them yourself. Don't worry if you forget to delete a file. To protect user data, all files on the server are designed to be permanently deleted after 30 minutes. No one can access your files and your privacy is 100% secure.

Processing in the cloud

Process in the cloud

All PDF processing is done completely in the cloud, so it does not consume any resources on your computer. You can use all PDF tools for free through your web browser anywhere you have an internet connection. You no longer need to install or update software to work with digital documents.

Did you know?

Why convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet?

PDF and Excel spreadsheets are commonly used file formats in the business world. While PDF is great for preserving the original formatting of documents, Excel is more versatile and is designed to manipulate data in many different ways. Therefore, you may need to convert a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet for a variety of reasons, such as data analysis, editing, or integration with other applications.

Benefits of converting PDFs to Excel spreadsheets

Easy data extraction

PDFs are designed to be non-editable, making it difficult to modify or extract data. By converting it to Excel, you can easily modify, extract, and organize the data in a way that suits your needs.

Easy editing

Excel spreadsheets offer a variety of editing options, including adding, deleting, and modifying data. By converting PDF to Excel spreadsheet, you can take advantage of these editing features and change the data.

Various editing options

You can use Excel to customize the layout, formatting, and appearance of your data in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and circumstances. This allows you to create more professional looking reports and presentations.

Enhanced data analysis

Excel provides many built-in data analysis tools to help you understand the information contained in your spreadsheets. By converting your PDF to Excel spreadsheet, you can take advantage of these useful tools and gain valuable insights into your data.


FAQs about our PDF to Excel converter

I converted my PDF into an Excel spreadsheet, but something seems wrong. Why is that?

The conversion process has some limitations. For example, complex PDFs containing tables, charts or graphics may not convert properly to Excel. Also, some formats may be lost during the conversion process.

Is it safe to convert PDF to Excel online?

Yes, the Excel conversion tool provides secure network communication and the latest encryption with HTTPS protocol and TLS encryption to ensure the security of the conversion process.

Can I use PDF to Excel converter on mobile?

Yes, you can use the PDF-Excel converter on any device that has a web browser enabled.

Is the PDF Excel converter free to use?

Yes. All of our tools are 100% free to use. There is no usage limit and no login required. Simple and easy to use for anyone.