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More about Excel to PDF Converter

Easily convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets

Easily convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF

Convert Excel to PDF with our free online tool. No download or installation required. Convert Excel to PDF in seconds. After converting Excel to PDF format, tables, text, and images in the converted file retain the same layout as the original file.

Quick and easy conversion

Quick and easy conversion

Our online converter is designed with a simple and intuitive user interface that anyone can use to quickly figure out how to convert Excel to PDF online. Just upload your Excel spreadsheet document and you'll have your converted PDF file ready to download in just a few minutes.

No registration required

No registration required

One of the best things about our online Excel converter is that you don't need to register to use it. Also, you don't need to install or download anything on your PC or mobile. This means you can convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets right away without any delay.

Safe online conversion

Safe Online PDF Software

Our service prioritizes the privacy of our users. Therefore, it is designed not to monitor users' files or leave backups, shares and user logs. All file uploads from users are encrypted and sent to our servers via HTTPS. Moreover, it uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect all your information and data, so you don't have to worry about security while using online tools.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

After you have finished working with your digital documents using our online PDF tools, you can download the files from our servers and manually delete them yourself. Don't worry if you forget to delete a file. To protect user data, all files on the server are designed to be permanently deleted after 30 minutes. No one can access your files and your privacy is 100% secure.

Processing in the cloud

Process in the cloud

All PDF processing is done completely in the cloud, so it does not consume any resources on your computer. You can use all PDF tools for free through your web browser anywhere you have an internet connection. You no longer need to install or update software to work with digital documents.

Did you know?

Why convert Excel to PDF?

Converting Excel to PDF is an important task for individuals and organizations that need to share data safely and efficiently. Although Excel is a useful and popular file format for managing data in general, there are considerations for sharing data with others. A more secure and professional way to share data is to convert Excel to PDF. The reasons are summarized in four points below.

Maintenance of formatting

One of the most important reasons to convert an Excel spreadsheet to PDF is to preserve formatting. Sharing an Excel spreadsheet risks distorting the data or appearing differently on different devices. This can be especially problematic when sharing sensitive data with customers or colleagues. Converting an Excel document to PDF ensures that the formatting is preserved and the data looks the same on all devices.

Information protection

Converting an Excel file to PDF helps protect the information in the file. PDF files are difficult to edit and all changes to the document can be easily tracked. This feature is especially useful when sharing sensitive information with clients or colleagues. You can also restrict access to the document by setting a password on the PDF.

Reduction of file size

Excel can be large and can be a problem when sharing spreadsheets via email or other means. Converting Excel to PDF can significantly reduce file size. This makes it easier to share data via email or other online platforms.

Enhanced file sharing

PDF is easier to share than Excel. Most devices can open PDF files without special software. This means that you can share data with anyone, regardless of the device you're using.


FAQs about our Excel to PDF converter

The page area of the converted PDF is missing some parts differently from how it looks in Excel.

When converting to PDF, the page area is based on the print area specified by the user in the Excel document. If you properly modify the print area designation of the Excel document, you can obtain a PDF that maintains the desired layout.

Can I convert an Excel spreadsheet with macros to PDF?

Yes, you can convert an Excel spreadsheet containing macros into a PDF. However, macros are not included in the PDF file.

Does the online converter support XLS and XLSX formats?

Yes, the Excel converter supports converting both XLS and XLSX into PDF files. It also supports XLSB, XLTX, XLTM, XLT, and CSV files.

Can I convert a password protected Excel spreadsheet to PDF?

Password-protected or DRM-encoded Excel spreadsheets cannot be converted to PDF.