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More about Online PDF Converter

Convert to PDF and other file types

Convert to PDF and other file types

Our online PDF converter is a tool that allows users to convert files of various formats, such as Word, PPT, Excel, image files to PDF format, or convert PDF files to other formats. The serviced online tools support most of the file formats commonly used in digital documentation. Use our online service and now convert to PDF in seconds with a simple drag and drop.

Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

Our online PDF converter works perfectly in the cloud. Our service does not require additional software to be installed or updated. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work with digital documents anytime, anywhere, just like in the office, with our free PDF converter.


Available anonymously

Our services can be used by anyone for free without membership registration. There is no limit on the number of files that can be converted. You don't have to enter personal information like your email address or credit card. Convert PDF files anonymously for free with our online PDF converter.


256-Bit TLS Encryption

We know that file security and privacy are important to you. Therefore, 256-bit TLS encryption protects your files for secure information transmission, and multiple levels of encryption protect your files so no one can access them. We also do not provide or share your data and logs to other parties.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion system

Your data security is our top priority. After the document is converted to PDF, you can download the file from our server and delete it directly. If you forget to delete a file, you don't have to worry because all uploaded files and work files are automatically deleted from the server after 30 minutes to protect user information.

Supporting all operating systems

Support all operating systems

The PDF conversion service is web-based software provided through a web browser. Our PDF conversion service works perfectly with the latest browsers such as Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. Our online services are browser-based, so you can use them on any platform that can run your browser, regardless of whether you are running Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Did you know?

What does PDF mean?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a file format used to represent documents in a software, hardware and operating system independent way. The purpose of creating the PDF format was to provide a way for users to exchange electronic documents that look the same on all devices and platforms, regardless of the original software or hardware. The PDF format was developed by Adobe Systems in the early 1990s and has since become the most widely used file format for electronically exchanging and sharing documents. Because PDF is versatile, secure and easy to use, it has become the preferred format for exchanging a wide range of documents including contracts, reports, presentations and more.

Why use PDF files?

Document integrity

PDF documents can display exactly the same layout and content as the original document when viewed on operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux, on a PC or mobile device, and on any application software.

Easy to use

PDF is a PDF conversion function commonly provided by application software that anyone can easily create, read, and use.


It provides various options to set different levels of document access such as password, watermark or digital signature to protect the document and its entire contents.


PDFs can be compressed to an easy-to-share file size using techniques such as shrinking or compressing images within the document, removing or merging comments, disabling embedding of fonts, and removing unused objects.

Content Integration

PDF formats can incorporate different types of content into a single document, such as text, images, vector graphics, hyperlinks, sound files, multimedia files, and buttons for user action. These elements can be included within a PDF document and can be composed of reports or presentations.

Sustainable file formats

Even as technology evolves rapidly and new document formats emerge, PDFs will probably be used and maintained for a long time. This format is so widely used and has a lot of history that everyone needs a fundamental change in computing to adopt new and different standards.


Why choose a free online PDF converter instead of a converter software?

  1. First, you can save CPU, RAM, hard disk space, and time by eliminating the need to install anything on your computer.

  2. Second, because users only download the converted file, there is no risk of virus infection in the system by malware downloadable from the web.

  3. Thirdly, you can convert PDF to various formats and vice versa anytime, anywhere. Our product line of PDF converters are fast, easy-to-use and reliable. It also secures your documents and other files at every stage, from uploading converted files to downloading them.

  4. Fourth, the converted file retains exactly the same format and resolution as the original file. You can enjoy lossless conversion and high-quality file display.

  5. Fifth, the program has a simple and intuitive interface that helps users easily manage their PDF files.


FAQs about our online file converter

An attempt to convert a file continues to fail. May I know what could be the cause?

The most common cases where conversion operations fail are as follows.

  1. The source file is not saved properly, or the file is corrupted due to a transformation caused by a malicious program.

  2. If the original file is DRM-encrypted by the owner, the file converter will not recognize it.

  3. Our free online tool supports most files, including MS office, images, etc., but does not support a few document formats. Conversion requests for unsupported files will fail.

An attempt to upload a file continues to fail.

The most common cases where file uploads fail are as follows.

  1. According to our policy, the maximum file size that can be uploaded is limited to 100MB.

  2. Most online services cannot operate smoothly if the network environment is unstable. Please check your network environment or try on another computer.

  3. Our system automatically blocks uploads from the system when it is determined that the file uploaded by the user has malicious code.

  4. Our online tools are optimized for the Chrome browser. Please try again in Chrome.

The font of the converted PDF file is different from that of the original document.

Does the converted PDF document look different from the original? This often happens when fonts in the original document are not embedded. If the font is not on the conversion server or is not accessible, it will be changed to the system's default font. To avoid this problem, try embedding fonts in the original document before converting the file.

What file formats does the online file converter support?

Our free online service supports most file types found in common business environments, including MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, AutoCAD, PDF and images. Onlinepdfconverter currently supports over 50 file formats and is expanding its service to support more file formats.


I often use this online PDF converter because it provides all the PDF conversion and creation functions I need for free. All the other online services I tried require membership/email registration, etc., which is quite annoying, but this service does not require that kind of hassles. I'd highly recommend Onlinepdfconverter.com!


This web file conversion service is perfect for small, uncomplicated documents. Very light and easy to use. Highly recommended to someone like me who doesn't like complicated things and programs that need to be installed on pc. I also like this service because it doesn't ask me to register or log in to use.


I love the simple upload method of this site. It has been of great help to my business as it supports literally all file formats I use for work. The service doesn't allow multiple transactions at once, and sometimes downloading a converted file takes a bit longer than usual. Maybe there's some rooms for further improvement, but I think it's very stable and useful service in general.