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Secure PDFs can only be unlocked by users with permission to remove protection. After entering the password for the locked PDF document, click the Unlock PDF button.

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The password entered is incorrect. You must enter the correct password for the PDF unlock process.

How to remove password from PDF files

  1. Click the Select a file button
    Drag and upload your PDF file to this page.
  2. Options
    After entering the correct password for the protected PDF document, click the Unlock PDF button.
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    Please wait while the password-protected PDF document is unlocked.
  4. Click the download button
    Click the Download button to save the unlocked PDF file.

More about Unlock PDF Tool

Online PDF Unlock

Unlock Online PDF

Want to remove password from PDF file? Upload your PDF file to our free online PDF password remover tool, enter your password and it will be unlocked for you to download in seconds. Quickly remove passwords from PDF documents without the need to register or update software.

Easy Online PDF Password Removal

Easy online PDF password removal

We aim to make our PDF service available to anyone with minimal effort. So, all our online tools are always designed to be simple and easy to use. The same goes for online PDF password removal tools. With a user-friendly web interface, you can easily unlock PDF files with just a few clicks.


High-quality, reliable PDF tools

We've been building our PDF conversion tool over the years and are constantly optimizing our conversion engine based on tons of feedback from our customers regarding PDF conversion. Today, we continue to test and update all our tools to make our free PDF service even more reliable.

Safe online conversion

Safe Online PDF Software

Our service prioritizes the privacy of our users. Therefore, it is designed not to monitor users' files or leave backups, shares and user logs. All file uploads from users are encrypted and sent to our servers via HTTPS. Moreover, it uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect all your information and data, so you don't have to worry about security while using online tools.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

After you have finished working with your digital documents using our online PDF tools, you can download the files from our servers and manually delete them yourself. Don't worry if you forget to delete a file. To protect user data, all files on the server are designed to be permanently deleted after 30 minutes. No one can access your files and your privacy is 100% secure.

Processing in the cloud

Process in the cloud

All PDF processing is done completely in the cloud, so it does not consume any resources on your computer. You can use all PDF tools for free through your web browser anywhere you have an internet connection. You no longer need to install or update software to work with digital documents.

Did you know?

Edit password-protected PDFs

Got a secure PDF file you want to edit, but it's password protected? The reason is that because it is an important document that should not be modified, access to the PDF is restricted by setting a password and prohibiting certain functions such as editing or printing. Password-protected PDFs can be accessed, edited and printed by removing the encryption. However, a secure PDF document can only be unlocked by someone who has the right to remove the protection and knows the password. Contact the original PDF creator to obtain permission and password to edit the PDF.


Can I re-lock a PDF?

Want to unencrypt a secure PDF file, edit it and then re-encrypt it? Of course it's possible. Upload your documents with our PDF protection tool and they will be encrypted with a strong password. By policy, our service has no control over users' passwords and does not store them on our servers. So remember your new password or write it down in another document. Unfortunately, we cannot help you even if you need to know your password. It is recommended to create a password using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, not personal information such as address or phone number.


FAQs about the PDF unlock tool

Are PDF documents uploaded by users safe?

Yes, our online service protects data uploaded with SSL/TLS encryption at the file transfer stage and protects your files using automatic deletion technology. It also does not log service usage logs and does not provide or share your data to other parties. Therefore, the uploaded PDF file is completely safe.

Can I unlock all the encrypted PDF documents?

There are many ways to encrypt PDFs. Our PDF unlock tool can do it for any password-protected PDF file. Also, only if you know the password to that PDF file.

Should I install PDF unlock program?

No, all our services work online. Therefore, you don't need to install the software on your PC or smartphone.

How many times can I unlock PDF online for free?

Our online PDF lock tool has unlimited uses. You can use it unlimited times as much as you want.