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Protect PDF documents with strong 128-bit AES encryption. Encrypted PDFs cannot be opened without the correct password. Be careful not to forget! Our service does not store your passwords or PDF files on our servers.

How to password protect a PDF document

  1. Click the Select a file button
    Drag and upload your PDF file to this page.
  2. Options
    Set a password and additionally set print protection and extract protection privileges.
  3. Please wait a moment
    Please wait while PDF encryption is in progress.
  4. Click the download button
    Click the Download button to save the encrypted PDF file.

More about Protect PDF Tool

Password protect PDF online

Password protect PDF online

Do you want to restrict unauthorized access to file content for sharing or archiving and allow it only to people who know the password? Secure your PDF with a password with free, reliable encryption online. Easily encrypt PDF documents without registering or updating software.

Easy and Fast Encryption

Easy and fast encryption

Our service provides a user-friendly web interface that makes encrypting PDF files as easy as possible. So you can encrypt PDFs and add restrictions like print protection in just a few clicks.

Highest Level Encryption

Highest level of encryption

PDF files are encrypted using AES-128-bit encryption, a strong encryption algorithm approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA) as suitable for encrypting highly sensitive information. We also do not store your passwords and documents.

A good length for a secure password

Good length for secure password

To set a secure password, we recommend using at least 7 characters that do not contain your personal information such as your address or phone number. The password cannot contain consecutive letters or numbers, and it is safe to include uppercase letters or special characters.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

After you have finished working with your digital documents using our online PDF tools, you can download the files from our servers and manually delete them yourself. Don't worry if you forget to delete a file. To protect user data, all files on the server are designed to be permanently deleted after 30 minutes. No one can access your files and your privacy is 100% secure.

Processing in the cloud

Process in the cloud

All PDF processing is done completely in the cloud, so it does not consume any resources on your computer. You can use all PDF tools for free through your web browser anywhere you have an internet connection. You no longer need to install or update software to work with digital documents.

Did you know?

Why password protect PDFs?

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are commonly used to store and share information such as contracts, reports, and other sensitive documents. Common PDF files are easily accessible and anyone can view them with the help of a PDF reader. The problem with these files, however, is that they can easily be changed or manipulated without the owner's consent. To prevent this from happening, you can protect your PDF files using password protection. There are many reasons why it is important to password protect your PDF files, let's look at four of them.


One of the main reasons to password protect a PDF file is to maintain confidentiality. PDF files often contain sensitive information that only the intended recipient can see. For example, contracts and reports may contain confidential data that should not be disclosed to unauthorized persons. By password-protecting your files, you can ensure that only users with the correct password can access the information. This allows sensitive information to be shared safely and efficiently while maintaining security.

Prevention of unauthorized changes

Another reason to password protect your PDF files is to prevent unauthorized changes. PDF files can be easily edited and changed which can cause data loss and cause serious problems. Protecting a file with a password prevents other users from changing it without your permission. This ensures that the information contained in the file is accurate and up to date.

Protection of intellectual property rights

PDF files can also contain valuable intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and copyrights. This information is critical to our company's success and must be protected from theft or unauthorized use. Files can be password-protected to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the information. This helps prevent the theft of valuable intellectual property and protects the company's interests.

Enhanced security

Password protecting your PDF files increases the overall security of your information. Passwords act as an extra layer of protection, making it harder for unauthorized individuals to access your information. This added security helps protect your information from cyber threats like hacking and malware.


What's the best way to create secure passwords?

  1. Passwords must contain a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

  2. Passwords must not contain any personal information about the user, such as address or phone number.

  3. Passwords must not contain consecutive letters or numbers.

  4. The password should not be used in common with other documents.


FAQs about the PDF protection tool

Can I add a password to a PDF for free?

Yes. Our online PDF encryption tool can be used an unlimited number of times. You can protect your document by adding a password to your PDF as many times as you want.

I want to remove PDF password protection. What should I do?

You can unlock a PDF only if you already know its password. With our PDF unlock tool, you can remove the password of your PDF.

Can I change the password of an encrypted PDF document?

Yes. After removing the password of the PDF with our PDF unlocker tool, you can apply a new password to the PDF document again.

Are my passwords stored on the server?

No. Our service does not keep passwords and user data. Uploaded documents are also automatically deleted.

Are longer passwords more secure?

Yes. Naturally, longer passwords are more secure than short ones. Although nearly half of Americans use passwords of 8 characters or less, we recommend using passwords between 16 and 20 characters in length.

Are there any precautions when sharing an encrypted PDF?

We do not recommend sending password-protected PDF documents with a decryption password. If your email is hacked, the document with the password attached can fall into the hands of cybercriminals.