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More about PDF to Word Converter

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word online

Convert PDF to Word documents online for free. Convert PDF files to editable, high-quality DOC or DOCX while preserving the layout. No need to install programs or download apps.

Quick and easy conversion

Quick and easy conversion

Our online conversion service is very easy to use with a clear and intuitive design. Convert PDF to Word in seconds with a simple drag and drop. Drag and drop the PDF you want to convert to a Word document onto this page, and the file will be uploaded automatically. As soon as the file is uploaded, the conversion to DOCX file will start.

Best quality

The highest quality

Our high-quality PDF conversion service ensures that the original PDF to Word document retains the same content and formatting. If you need to edit contracts, portfolios, and other important PDF files, it is most important to ensure that the layout of the converted document is not changed.

Safe Data Encryption

256-Bit TLS Encryption

All of our online tools use 256-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure data encryption. Your files are encrypted and uploaded to our servers over a secure internet connection. In accordance with our policy, data on our servers is not recorded and is not shared with or accessed by other parties.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

We value your anonymity, file security and privacy. Therefore, our service is not operated as a membership, and in principle, it is designed not to record users' logs. All files of users are permanently deleted from our servers after 30 minutes. Or, you can manually remove files from the server instantly with a single click.

Support all platforms

All platforms supported

Our Services are web-based software that works through a web browser, so all you need is a web browser. It works across platforms, whether your work environment uses Mac, Windows, or Linux. It also works well on mobile. Now convert PDFs to Word documents whether you are in the office or the library!

Did you know?

What is the difference between PDF and Word document?

Confused about the difference between a PDF document and a Word document? Many people are unaware of the fundamental differences between these two file formats, which often leads to confusion and misunderstanding. Now take a closer look at PDF and Word documents and compare the differences so you can choose the right format for your needs.

What is a PDF document?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993. PDF documents are designed to retain their formatting and layout regardless of the software, hardware or operating system you are using. PDFs are widely used for electronic document distribution because they can be viewed on any device that has a PDF reader installed.

What is a Word document?

On the other hand, Word document is a file format created by Microsoft Corporation. It is primarily used for word processing and is the most commonly used file format for text-based documents. Word documents are saved as a .doc or .docx file extension and created using Microsoft Word software.

Key differences between PDF and Word documents

When comparing PDFs and Word documents, there are several key differences to consider including the followings.

Compatibility and Visibility

One of the major differences between PDF documents and Word documents is compatibility and visibility. PDF documents are widely used for electronic document distribution as they can be viewed on any device with a PDF reader installed. On the other hand, viewing Word documents requires installation of the Microsoft Word software, which may limit viewing capabilities on some devices.

Edit function

Another difference between PDF documents and Word documents is their editing capabilities. PDF documents are not easily editable because they are designed to preserve the format and layout of the document. On the other hand, Word documents are designed for word processing and are easily editable, allowing users to change the document's text, formatting, and layout.

Reduction of file size

File size is another important consideration when comparing PDFs to Word documents. PDF documents are generally smaller in file size than Word documents, making them more efficient for electronic document distribution.

Enhanced security

PDF documents and Word documents also differ in terms of security features. PDF documents can be password protected, encrypted, and can contain digital signatures, making them a secure choice for distributing sensitive information. On the other hand, Word documents do not offer the same level of security as PDF documents, so they may not be suitable for distributing sensitive information.


Why Convert PDF Files to Word Documents?

  1. Ease of editing: PDF files are designed to be read-only, so you cannot change the text or formatting. If changes are required, you must go back to the original file or use specific software to edit the PDF. Converting a PDF file to a Word document makes changes and editing much easier because Word is designed just for that purpose.

  2. Improving collaboration: Projects where multiple people are working as a team often need to collaborate on a document. If you need to collaborate with others, converting a PDF to a Word document can make sharing and working easier. With Word's built-in collaboration features, such as change tracking and comments, it makes the process even smoother.


FAQs about the PDF to Word conversion tool

Why does the converted Word look different from the original PDF?

PDF and Word documents are completely different document formats. Because of this, some conversion factors may differ from the expected quality. For example, when converting a PDF file to Word, the entire page may be displayed as an image if it consists of charts or other graphics. Sometimes, the converted Word document and the original PDF file do not match for text-to-image elements.

Are my uploaded documents safe?

Your data is what we value most. We take many steps to protect customer data. For example, original files and converted documents uploaded by customers are automatically deleted from the system after 30 minutes.

How to convert PDF to Word for free? provides a free online file conversion service to convert PDF files to Word documents. Just upload the PDF file you want to convert and the online service will automatically convert it to editable Word.

What platforms does the online converter support?

Our online converter can be used in any environment, regardless of operating system and device, as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.


Two thumbs up for its fast conversion speed and simple interface, which I think is very rare from a free online service with no signup. I use this site a lot when I need a quick PDF job at work, and I like it - all file types that I use are covered, and there has been no error so far.


It converts files in seconds - It's literally in seconds because it requires no login/email. I like the simple UI as well, making it very easy to use, while it supports most PDF-related tasks.


I initially used this website for simple PDF to Word conversion, but it actually offers many different features in PDF management. Maybe this is not the best professional tool for heavy and sophisticated PDF users, but I think it would work well for the majority of daily PDF users who just don't want to pay for it.