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How to delete pages from PDF files online

  1. Click the Select a file button
    Drag the PDF file to this page and upload it.
  2. Select Delete Page
    On the preview screen, select the thumbnail of the page you want to delete and click the Trash icon.
  3. Please wait a moment
    Please wait while the PDF page deletion process is in progress.
  4. Click the download button
    Click the Download button to save the PDF file with unnecessary pages removed.

More about the Delete PDF Page Tool

Delete PDF pages for free

Delete PDF pages for free

Our online tool allows you to easily delete specific pages you want from a PDF document and save them as a new file. Quickly remove and download unnecessary pages for free.

Easy PDF rotation with preview

Easy page removal with preview

Just drag and drop the PDF you want to remove the page to this page and the file will be uploaded automatically. Once the file is uploaded, you can see thumbnails of all the pages in the preview screen. Select the pages you want to remove and click the trash can icon. You can also click the magnify icon to see a page in detail before deleting it.

Keep original formatting

Keep original formatting

Our PDF page deletion tool retains the original format and quality of your PDF document while removing pages. You don't have to worry about quality because it deletes unnecessary pages from the original PDF document while preserving text, tables, graphs, and formatting.

Safe PDF page removal

Safe PDF page removal

You can remove pages from a PDF online without worrying about your privacy. We secure all file transfers with SSL/TLS encryption and use auto erase to protect user data and files.

Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion

After you have finished working with your digital documents using our online PDF tools, you can download the files from our servers and manually delete them yourself. Don't worry if you forget to delete a file. To protect user data, all files on the server are designed to be permanently deleted after 30 minutes. No one can access your files and your privacy is 100% secure.

Processing in the cloud

Process in the cloud

All PDF processing is done completely in the cloud, so it does not consume any resources on your computer. You can use all PDF tools for free through your web browser anywhere you have an internet connection. You no longer need to install or update software to work with digital documents.

Did you know?

When do I delete a page from a PDF document?

In today's fast-paced world, information is essential and must be efficiently managed and accessed. Portable Document Format (PDF) files are one of the most popular file formats used to store and share information. It also offers several benefits, including high-quality display, compatibility with various operating systems, and security features. However, not all information contained in a PDF file is strictly necessary and you may need to remove certain pages to make the document easier to manage and read. Now let's look at four reasons why you might want to delete pages from your PDF document.

Old information

PDF files are often used to store and share important documents such as contracts, business plans and presentations. However, over time, some of the information contained in these files can become outdated, so it's important to remove it to keep your documents up to date and relevant. This is especially important if the document is being shared with others, as outdated information can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

Confidential information

PDF files may contain sensitive and confidential information that must be protected. If a document contains confidential information that is no longer needed, it is important to delete the relevant pages to keep the information secure. This is especially important if you are sharing documents with others, as accidental disclosure of confidential information can have serious consequences.

Unwanted ads

PDF files are often used to distribute advertisements, catalogs, and other promotional materials. However, not all advertisements are relevant or useful and can clutter the documentation, making it difficult to read and understand. Simplify your documents and make them easier to navigate by removing unwanted ads.

Improved document readability

PDF files can be long and complex, making them difficult to read and understand. Deleting unnecessary or redundant pages improves the overall readability of your document and makes the information easier for others to access and understand. Clear and concise information is important for effective learning, so this is especially important if the document is used for educational or training purposes.


What are the benefits of deleting PDF pages online?

  1. First, the PDF page removal tool we provide is free and unlimited for anyone to use. No signup required.

  2. Second, by providing a simple interface, users can figure out how to quickly remove pages from a PDF. You can drag and drop documents onto this page, view thumbnails of pages, and easily remove specific pages.

  3. Third, all operations are handled in a web browser without installing additional software on your PC. So all you need is a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet/iPad.

  4. Fourth, our service is processed on multiple high-performance cloud servers, so deleting a page takes only a few seconds.


FAQs about deleting PDF pages

Are my files protected while using online tools?

We take the privacy of our users first. Therefore, it is designed not to monitor users' files or leave backups, shares and user logs. Additionally, all user file uploads are sent encrypted via HTTPS to our servers and are designed to be automatically deleted.

Can I delete document pages in formats other than PDF?

No, this tool is only designed to delete pages from PDFs. But there is a way. First, you need to convert documents from other formats to PDF format, then use the PDF Separator tool.

Failed to delete PDF page. What's the problem?

It is the case that the uploaded PDF file is not saved normally or the owner has encrypted it with DRM. Or if you are trying to upload a file other than a PDF file.

Can I delete more than one page of PDF documents at a time?

Unfortunately, to make the page removal process smoother, you can only delete one page of a PDF file each time.

Is there a watermark on PDF files with deleted pages or a usage limit?

No. The output has no watermark or usage limit. You can use it freely.

Is there a page restriction when deleting pages from a PDF?

No, you can remove PDFs without page restrictions.